Urticaria or hives are the red itchy rashes that erupt on the skin and may present as small bumps on the skin. The causes of such skin rashes may vary from allergic reaction to food or medicines, insect bite or stress. Ayurveda diagnoses this condition as Sheetapitta which is caused due to eating spicy, sour salty foods in excess quantity, indigestion problem from a long time, recurrent acidity problem, recurrent usage of antacids, the habit of clearing the throat in the morning by trying to vomit. Urticaria is usually aggravated by cold environment, exposure to rain, eating certain foodstuffs like colocasia leaves, brinjal, peanuts, fish, meat etc

Modern medicine offers temporary relief by medicines like antihistamine and steroids, it has no long-term cure. Ayurveda treats the root cause of the disease which may be different in different individuals and thus offers a holistic care and treatment of urticaria. Although the treatment is a bit long term ranging from 3 to 5 months, urticaria can be completed cured with Ayurvedic treatment and Panchakarma therapy like Vaman, Virechan, Basti and Raktamokshana.

Here are few home remedies for urticaria:

Local Application:

1. Soda-bi-carb - Mix about a teaspoon of soda-bi-carb in a small bowl of water. Apply this mixture on the affected part frequently. This will provide you immediate relief from itching. 

2. Crush a spinach leaf and mix about a quarter teaspoon of black pepper powder to it. Apply this paste over the hives for a quick relief from itching.

3. Mustard oil application helps a lot in reducing the itching.

4. A tried and tested home remedy is rubbing the affected area with house ash (chulhe ki rakh)

5. Freshly crushed betel leaves if applied over the rashes gives relief from itching


1. Take about half a teaspoon of ajwain with a teaspoon of jaggery thrice a day for a few days till itching subsides

2. 10 ml of Ginger juice along with 1 teaspoon of jaggery early in the morning daily helps in getting rid of recurrent urticaria.

3. Take about 2gm of turmeric powder with jaggery twice a day for about 15 days.

4. Take 7 black peppercorns with 13 neem leaves early in the morning empty stomach for 21 days for definite results

5. Put 7 gms of pudina or mint leaves and 25 gas sugar in 175 ml of water and boil this for about 5-10 minutes. Strain and drink it for immediate results.

6. Kokam sherbet helps a lot in reducing the causative factor i.e. Pitta in the body.

Diet restrictions:

Avoid Spicy, salty, sour (kokam is fine) foodstuffs, milk and milk products, curd, non-vegetarian foods, trying to vomit/clear the throat, contact with cold (wear jacket or sweater)

Home remedies can help a lot to get relief from itching. However, the root cause of the disease must be treated with Ayurvedic medicines and Panchakarma therapy for a long lasting relief and cure.