Headache due to heat in summer can be cured by consuming a glass of watermelon daily.

To get rid of blackheads & acne, apply or keep slices of cucumber over your face, eyes and neck.

To reduce acidity chewa few basil (Tulsi) leaves after a meal. It also prevents acid reflux and formation of ulcers. Another home remedy is mixing dhaniya powder with jeera in equal quantities & consuming 1 spoon after every meal.

Eating an apple on an empty stomach in the morning can relieve migraines. 

For dry cough, boil 4-6 dates and in milk and drink in the morning. It also helps in clearing out nasal blockages. 

Eating a boiled or cooked beetroot  before breakfast can aid in digestion and help relieve constipation.

If you are anemic, drink dates boiled in milk. You should also use jaggery for sweetness instead of regular sugar.

Regularly consuming walnuts, almonds soaked in water, coconut, and flax seeds can help strengthen hair from the roots and reduce hair fall.

Having pomegranate juice daily can help lower blood pressure. It is also good for your heart.