Sometimes, we are overprotective of our children. We care of them more than required and often make them too much dependent on us in some way. We excuse it to our child’s health that they are often ill and therefore need our extra care.

But in this process, we sometimes ignore the root cause of the ill health of our children. It is our homes. Yes, in a race to give all your attention to the child, you ignore your home’s overall hygiene. Dr Neha Bansal points out that half of the infections from outside sources are developed within the house.

So, how can you ensure that your house is safe for your child? 

Here are some tips based on suggestions from our child specialist:

  • Clean Floors: You might not see it with a naked eye, but your floor is full of germs even when it appears to be clean on the surface. You child spends a good time scrolling there and therefore you need to make sure that there is daily cleaning of the floors with child safe antiseptic disinfectants.
  • Disinfected Bathrooms: Clean bathrooms are necessary not only for the child but adults as well. Toilets and bathrooms invite all kind of germs. Clean your child (only specific parts) with a wet towel after every visit to the toilet.
  • Kitchen Hygiene: It is very obvious but still people tend to ignore it. Do not keep dirty utensils, especially the ones that belong to your child, unwashed overnight. Also, boil them or clean them with hot water from time to time. Do not use plastic utensils to serve food to your child.

  • Clothes: Your children’s clothes must be washed in antiseptic liquid (along with detergent) to wash away the impurities and germs that can stick to it unnoticed. Also, keep them in cupboards and not in the open where insects can attack them.

Ensuring these easy things can make your home much safer and your child healthier. So make sure you follow them from today!