History of diabetes whether his-story or her-story, all have the same too familiar script.Once you are entered into the diabetic storybook as the main character, your biography starts with lifestyle changes like reducing weight, having more exercise (workouts), and consciously planned dieting.

 If mending your ways still keeps you weak after a few weeks, you try to get into form with Metformin or even adding fertilizers (Sulphonyl-ureas). As days go by, you enter the glittering zone with Glitazones or sit-a-while with Sitagliptin. Your post-prandial excursions may be accompanied by Metaglinides or the travel accelerates with addition of more gas (Acarbose or Volibose), literally and physically.

 Your half-tablet a day becomes full or even two or more with more additions than few deletions, until the final stony tablet threatens to invite your epigraph on it.

 Don’t lose heart and hang the curtains… your true friend arrives. Enter the INSULIN.