Guava is cool in nature and pungent and spicy in taste, and also helps to increase sperm count. Here is the comparison between the nutritive elements of apple and Guava, so you can imagine that how much more nutritive is guava. Furthermore, guava is cheap and since it contains more nutritive elements than apple, so it is called ‘Apple of Poor,’ too. 

Guava is sweet and purgative fruit. Using guava regularly is helpful for the treatment of constipation, Vatta disorders, Pitta disorders, insanity, giddiness, epilepsy, fever and inflammation. Guava leaves can be used as astringent baths for treating wounds, sores and skin ulcers. It must be taken with 20 guava leaves which would be specially selected and carefully washed. This should be boiled in 2 liters of water for 8 minutes, then cooled at ambience temperature. This can be applied as a fomentation on the damaged skin for 30 minutes. For foot wounds, the feet must be soaked in a vessel containing this water. However, remember to cool it and ensure that it is freshly prepared. For other parts of the body apply this with the help of a wet dressing with the preparation. It is very useful in cases of diabetic foot and ulcers.

Useful in Different Diseases:


Eating guava eliminates constipation. It should be taken before meals because if someone takes it after meal, it generates constipation. The patient, who suffers from constipation, should take guava in breakfast. The patient should take guava twice a day in the condition of chronic constipation. It clears the stomach. One should eat guava with black pepper, black salt and ginger in breakfast because it eliminates indigestion and also fills up the stomach. It also eliminates gas and increases appetite. The patient, who suffers from hard constipation, should eat guava twice a day.

Whooping cough:

Make a hole in a raw guava with the help of knife and separate some pulp from it. Fill 6 grams ground caraway and 6 grams black salt in this hole and thereafter wrap a cloth upon this guava and coat wet soil upon it. This guava should be toasted in heat. Separate soil and cloth from the guava and grind it. After that, give half of this ground guava to the patient with honey twice a day to get relief in whooping cough.

Pimples and ulcers caused by blood disorders:

The patient can eat 250 gram guava at noon for 4 weeks regularly because it clears the stomach and decreases the temperature of the body. It also purifies the blood and cures pimples, ulcers, scabies and itching of the body.


Boil fifteen grams root of the guava tree into 150 ml water. Reduce it to half and cool it. After that, give 6 grams of this medicine to the child who is suffering twice or thrice a day to cure chronic diarrhoea.

Bile inflammation:

Grind guava without seeds and rosewater and sugar-candy in it. After that, take this medicine, it provides relief in increased bile and inflammation.

Mouth diseases:

Burn acacia arabica leaves, guava leaves and barley together, once it starts smoking, inhale the smoke in your mouth. Keep it there for some time. This process is useful in curing throat diseases and mouth blisters.

Inflammation and itching of the vagina:

Boil 25 grams ground root of the guava tree with 300 ml water and filter it. Immerse a clean cloth in this water and clean the vagina with it. This process helps in reducing inflammation and itching of the vagina.


Eat 250 grams guava in noon for 4 weeks regularly; it clears the stomach and bring out warmth of the stomach. It purifies the blood and cures pimples. It also ends itching.