Smoking Is Killing Yourself

We all know quitting smoke is hard thing to do ,the reason is it will not kill you today or tomorrow .In order to quit smoking one should change the view of smoking in their mind. As a smoker goes outside without having a cigarette all day and he sees others smoking, he’ll probably envy them, oh they are having a smoke, instead he should think this way, oh they are envy of me because I have quit smoking and they haven’t because every smoker deep down wants to quit smoking. We all know quitting smoke is hard thing to do, nicotine found in the tobacco when inhaled travels quickly to the brain, releasing dopamine and other feel good chemicals in the brain and when a person tries to quit it the withdrawal symptoms comes  and it could lead to depression and other problems until you get your next hit. So the trick may be gradually providing the brain less and less nicotine which is where the highly advertised treatment of nicotine replacement therapy comes into play like, nicotine patches, lozenges, chewing gum, Inhalers and nasal sprays. 

Here are a few strategies to fight against smoking.

  1. Make a list of reasons- Take a paper and pen and write down the reasons why you want to quit the smoking, make it as specific as possible. If you are concerned about the passive smoking affecting your Child’s health, write that down and their names to make it more personal.
  2. Watch your money grow- The amount of money you spend on smoking, is no small matter and see how much money you can save on smoking is a great encouragement. However it is not usually enough to tell yourself that you are saving money, instead take the money you would normally spend on smoking and put it in a special account so that you can see how quickly it actually grows.
  3. Set a date- Just wanting to quit is not enough you need to set a plan on to get you moving on a goal and setting a date is very important. Some people wait for important dates, such as new year‘s day or their birth day, however don’t make the of putting it indefinitely.
  4. Make a list of substitutes- What are you going to do to fill your time on the way to work at the morning, how about when you want to relax and unwind after dinner or when your most difficult time is, have you made a list of your substitute activities for these difficult moments? Now is the time, write out some easy but fulfilling things you’ll do to keep your mind and hands busy.
  5. Have those conversations- Tell your spouse , your co friends, your co workers and anyone about you can about your plans, for those that are close to you speak to them honestly about what you will try to do and how you need their help.
  6. Reach out- Have you reached out to those who have successfully quit? If not, then why not? It is much better to have support then you need it, rather than wait until you are desperate to start scrambling. Go to online forums or help and support groups, seek others help and guidance.
  7. Start new activity- What decisions have you made like physical activities that are going to have you occupied and provide you with necessary exercise. Have you looked into your local community center or gym? Don’t wait until you quit interfacing your cravings to start doing your homework.
  8. Shop- Once those cravings kick in you are going to be shopping for anything to put it into your mouth, you absolutely should have healthy alternatives on hand immediately when you quit so that you won’t be tempted by junk. Skip the salty and sugary snacks and opt for the healthy alternatives.
  9. Wash and purge- The day before your quit date , take some time to wash everything you can, including your clothes, once you have quit you will be surprised how much you notice the clean smell. Conversely if you keep things unwashed, that smell of cigarette smoke can only spark your old cravings that can start all over again.
  10. Stop smoking- On quit day, Remind yourself that you are no longer a smoker, either a person smokes or they don’t and you don’t. Be prepared for times when your enthusiasm is very low , when you start to hear that voice in your head telling you that one smoke won’t hurt but do not give in, go back to your list of reasons why you quit  and repeat the above list again until you are successful.