Momos (dumplings) are believed to be of Tibetan origin and  since had spread to other neighbouring countries. Momos are of two types: fried and steamed. Most of non-veg momos usually contain chicken pieces, veg momos contain cabbage, carrots and onion. How healthy is it to eat momos? Most of us think they are healthy, particularly if not fried.

Let us count the calories we consume in veg/non veg momo -- 6 pieces veg steamed momos (90 gm): 270 Cal, 6 pieces non-veg steamed momos (150 gm): 390 cal and 2 tbsp (30 gm) Chilli sauce 30 cal.

The overall calorie count is not too bad (45 kcal per piece) as long as you don't go wild with your quantities, and if you don't have any heavy side dishes in the meal. Momos have no specific health benefits in them. Here are tips to cut down calories while relishing momos at roadside and make it healthier.

  • Try to cultivate a taste for veg momos, instead of the chicken ones. If you prefer chicken, mix them up. Have three each of veg and chicken momos.
  • Always eat steamed momos instead of the fried ones. You will save 20 cal. per piece.
  • Avoid the regular chilli sauce as it is high in sodium and has oil as its base. Instead go for mint chutney if possible.
  • While cooking at home, mix whole wheat atta with maida to make healthier momos.
  • While cooking at home, mix soybean along with chopped vegetables as filling in veg momos.
  • Take a good helping of salads with momos. This will help you digest the refined flour (maida)

Eating on a daily basis is not a good option as it is nutritionally low in value. If you are too fond of eating momos, then try home cooked with different fillings inside it which are healthy and hygienically safe too.