Do you notice the following symptoms?

  • Heavy bleeding during periods
  • Decreased duration between two cycles
  • Irregular periods
  • Weakness, Fatigue, Anaemia, Mood swings, Depression, etc

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! Treatment for heavy bleeding varies as per the underlying cause & for majority of the cases it can be hormones. Unfortunately, many cases land up in surgical procedures like hysterectomy (Removal of uterus).  

Ayurveda understands menstrual problems differently. Instead of just temporary arrest in the heavy flow through DNC or Hormones, correction of underlying pathology can be well achieved with Ayurveda. Even though there are certain conditions when hysterectomy is mandatory e.g. big fibroids or cancer, in majority of the cases heavy bleeding can be treated with high success rate with Ayurveda. In certain cases, cause of excessive bleeding is unknown! But Ayurveda handles the situation very well by applying its basic concepts and unique herbal formulations. Effect of these medicines not only treat the root cause but also improves the immunity of whole reproductive system to avoid the recurrence. Balanced hormonal state will be achieved with natural herbs without any side effect.

Generally, women with complaint of heavy bleeding has excess Pitta dosha in her body as per Ayurveda. It is very important to remove excessive Pitta to cure the problem from roots. Ayurvedic formulations to treat heavy bleeding includes cold astringent Pitta correcting and Vata correcting herbs. These Ayurvedic medicines should be accompanied with diet and lifestyle changes, exercise and few yoga asanas to avoid re-occurrence. 

Duration of the treatment required may vary from person to person, although results can be clearly noticed in a few days. In general, six months of treatment is sufficient. Ayurvedic formulations can also be taken during bleeding phase and quick results with reduced bleeding can be observed. Certain herbs used in Ayurveda has great potential to correct the hormonal imbalance and there by menstrual abnormalities like; heavy bleeding, irregularities, painful periods, PCOS, PMS etc. Ayurveda not only arrests the excessive flow but also improves health of reproductive system in 360 degrees.

When there is no clear indication for surgery except heavy bleeding, Ayurveda is a boon for women to save their uterus. Generally, women are more prone to hormonal imbalances compared to men due to the added child bearing responsibility. It is always safer to go for natural treatments like Ayurveda for women specific hormonal issues.  


Mrs. Vandana Nadkarni, 49yrs complaining of excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle from 6 months had heavy bleeding episodes.

"I have tried all available treatment option including hormones. Few times even DNC was required to stop the heavy bleed. The situation had compromised my daily routine, energy levels and even psyche adversely.  

Finally, when I started ayurvedic medicine with holistic approach during my bleeding phase itself, I could see the results on very next day. Surprisingly hormone pills were not required this time to stop the bleeding. When I continued the medicines properly I also observed duration between two cycles, which was very short before, shifted towards normalcy. The pleasant part of this was I reduced my weight without any weight reducing diet and exercise.

Thanks to Ayurveda!"