Maintaining a Healthy you is Very Important to  Live a Stress Free, Longer & Quality Life.To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle is not Very Difficult it is just the Matter of Prioritising, if Health is at top most Priority then managing just a few changes in your Lifestyle Would not seem very difficult

1. Balancing Input & Output (Food & Physical Activity)

This is Very Simple our body is weighing machine (Tarazu) where food intake & Physical Activity should be balancedExcess food & no or Low Physical Activity - Weight GainLess Food & excess Physical Activity - Weight LossThis Depends on the BMR & Hormones too but Correction is Important

2. Regular Physical Activity

Regular Exercise - Gymming, Sports, Jogging, Running, Stair Climbing, Swimming, Cycling, Walking any of these Exercises should be included in Your Daily Activities for atleast 30 - 45 minutes everyday

3. Be Hydrated

Drinking at least  2 - 2.5 Litres of Water everyday

4. Regular Meal Intervals

Eating Every 2 - 3 Hours Helps Increasing BMR, keeps a check on Acidity, Blood Sugar

5. Eating small Portions

Eating in Small but Healthy Portions but in every  2 - 3 hours. it can be small as a medium sized fruit, sprouts, homemade soups, salads

6. Eating Raw

Fresh Raw Fruits & Vegetables are a very good source of Anti oxidants which help fight a lot of Diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, etcHelps Improve Skin, good For Eyes

7. Cutting Down Outside Food

Now Outside Foods Include any Packed Preserved Foods too, Eating Out in Restaurants, Ordering Food from Hotels, Junk Eating, Snacks like Sev, Farsan, Wada, Bhajiya, Chips, Etc