Stand up for your bones!

Bone mass or density reduces with age and this is specially worrying for women after menopause. According to research, Asian women, who are older than 50 or those who have attained menopause, have reason to worry about their bone health. Bone health varies form women to women and breakdown of the joints may also lead to inflammation, pain, stiffness and deformity. With age, bones can become more brittle and break more easily which brings to osteoporosis. 

As per research, 7 out of 10 women were found to have vitamin D deficiency, which is known to cause Osteoporosis or bone density loss. 

Known as the SUNSHINE VITAMIN, vitamin D is a crucial vitamin especially for women's health. This is because vitamin D regulates the body's calcium levels in the blood as well as the levels of phosphorus which also helps promote healthy bones and teeth.


A moderate exercise a day can help to maintain strength, balance and flexibility. Women should start weight bearing exercises like running, jogging, aerobics, stair climbing, dancing, tennis and basketball which are best for developing calcium in bones. 

Importance of calcium in women after 40

Calcium for women is essential through every phase of life. It needs to build strong bones, teeth, and it also helps to regulate heart beat, blood clotting and conduct nerve impulses. As one ages, calcium plays an important role in fighting osteoporosis. The amount of calcium that women needs depends on their age. A 1000 mg of clacium per day may be sufficient before 40 and before menopause. As a women becomes older and when menopause occurs, she should increase this amount to 1500 mg per day.

The following are some of the calcium rich foods: 

  • Milk and milk products
  • Soyabean and Soya milk
  • Cheese, paneer, tofu
  • Rajma, almonds, green leafy vegetables
  • Oranges, etc.

Make sure that you get all your nutrients through a balanced diet. After all, a healthy you is a healthy family!