You can't help but eat something at the movie theatre. It's like a ritual. You just have to! There are plenty of options, but if you're trying to eat healthy, its like a calorie mine field. Here are some tips to eat healthy at the theatre-

  • We recommend grabbing a bite before a movie so you aren't stuck with the limited healthy options at the movies. 
  • If you just need to get something even though you are not hungry, get a bottle of water, or a diet soda. You know water can help you lose weight?
  • But, if you really just need to eat something, carry a packet of nuts- they have protein, heart-friendly fats and plenty of antioxidants. 
  • If not that, then go for the un-buttered popcorn. It is not the healthiest option but definitely better than that a sugar filled bag of candy, the super-calorie nachos with cheese sauce or the mammoth servings of soda. 
  • Some movie theatres have whole wheat sandwiches, so that's a healthy option.
  • And remember that your mom taught you to share- that'll help you get slim. Sharing what you eat is a smart way of cutting those calories. But no digging into your buddy's food!

It's not easy to skip all that calorie laden deliciousness at the movies, but just think about how tough it is to burn off those extra calories! You know, it's not worth it. 

If you still prefer to eat the other options available, just make sure to eat controlled portions!