Every year brings joy and happiness to all of us. This year give yourself a promise..A promise to love yourself.

All of us suffer from stress. Stress is always not bad. It gives us the drive and energy to do our work.If this good stress starts bothering you then it needs attention. Stress can cause many problems, be it a simple headache, heartburn,indigestion or big life hazards like hypertension, diabetes, hypothyroidism or even cancers. Stress needs a good deal of handling. This is what we need to learn. We need to use stress busters in our daily life....

Few situations of daily life:

  • In school, children are often stressed due to studies. Ease them while they are at home. All children are very intelligent nowadays. Let them feel the need for education. Donot force them into it. Engage them in more activities of there choice like dance, music, martial arts, football,etc. 
  • In feeding infants, mothers are stressed out. Donot force your kid to eat. They loose interest in forceful eating. Serve them along with you on the dining table and let them eat by themselves. It may be messy at times but they will love it and learn to eat and relish food as well as your company.
  • Men and women brings office stress at home. We all earn to live a happy life. If at the end of the day we don't feel the happiness of being with the family, then all earnings and works are useless. Just imagine yourself entering home with a smiling face, reaching out to give a warm hug to your spouse, children and your parents each day. How satisfying it would be after a whole day's hectic schedule! It is equally marvelous for the family who wait the whole day to meet you.
  • Stress at work station. You need to be professional while you are at your work place.Emotion brings on expectations from boss, co-workers or juniors which causes competitions, rivalries and initiates stress. It is good to keep it simple.

A Promise to yourself this New Year..... Do atleast one thing every week that you wish to do in life...

  • Leave a bad habit every month
  • Lie down on the grass and watch the sky
  • Wear the clothes you always wanted to
  • Laugh madly when you want
  • Count the stars at night
  • Go out with friends
  • Watch TV with a bowl of popcorn

Life is short.. so try to Enjoy... Enjoy being YOU....