With the festive season, there is a lot of eating out- family gatherings, weddings, parties, friends, the inevitable boxes of cookies at the office water cooler. Its a land mine of unhealthy choices. With our party season food guide, you'll party and stay healthy.

First of all, don’t repent for wolfing down a heavy platter. Understand that it is human to give into temptations, but be sure to learn from them. We often lose control of our food sensory threshold and overindulge only to feel guilty later.

Here are some easy tips which will never slip off your mind even while you move ahead to place an order with confidence at various eating joints.

Rehearsing a situation in your mind before it happens helps you to arm yourself with strategies, visualize yourself doing them and experience the positive results.

So, let's start with the healthy food guide for this party season:

  • Order right: Make it a point to always ask for small portions or junior meals rather jumbo sized portions. Don’t forget “you are what you eat.”
  • Drinks: Drink water, skimmed milk, green tea, iced tea (low sugar), buttermilk, kanji, coconut water instead of aerated drinks, fruit shakes, smoothies etc.

  • Desserts: Always keep sweet options like Fresh fruit sorbet, baked dessert, fruit gelato, custard, sandesh, kaju paan which are comparatively lower in calories than other sweet varieties.
  • Salads: While ordering salads, go without Mayonnaise, other sauces, cream and assortments and cheese.

  • Fast Food: Look for Veggie delights, wraps (veg/non-veg), plain dosas, idlis, appams, McGrills etc rather than their fried versions.
  • Friends: Try and share a meal with a friend as it cuts down your calorie intake
  • Indian Food: Avoid heavy Indian Thalis, go for small portioned healthy snacks. Avoid curried , battered, fried options, 2-3 protein sources together. Your meal should ideally be having 1 Rice/missi roti+ curd/Raita +1 green veg+ 1-2 pc fish/chicken/ 4-5 pcs Paneer prep (any)/1/4 cup dal with salad and clear soups.

  • Italian: While eating Italian order grilled sea-food, lean meat, chicken, vegetables
  • Chinese: Go easy on appetizers when eating Chinese food, choose flavoured clear soups with vegetables and meat without monosodium glutamate.
  • Mexican Food: Rice, beans, tomatoes, lostadas, enchiladas stuffed with vegetables, shrimps with vegetables are better options while dining at a Mexican restaurant.
  • Other cuisines: Order for sub sandwiches with vegetables, kebabs, Pita, Japanese bento boxes.
  • Make the right choices & stay fit by choosing healthy options.