Consuming proper nutrition is very important during pregnancy; one must never forget to have breakfast. Skipping breakfasts will not only affect the mother but will also affect the child. When you are pregnant always stay happy and think positively. Negativity and stress will directly affect the growth of baby.There are few things which every woman needs to know when she is pregnant. Such facts and tips have been suggested to ensure a healthy and tension free Pregnancy.

  • When a woman is pregnant, she must consume food which is rich in calcium. Pregnant woman must take minimum 1000mg food containing calcium every day. They can consume food such as fish, shrimps, milk and yogurt.
  • Consuming whole wheat products helps a pregnant woman to stay healthy. Pregnant woman can consume whole wheat food as they are rich in fibre, zinc and iron. Adding up peanuts, honey and raisins to the whole wheat food is a healthy meal.
  • Consuming food as much as possible on daily basis is very good for health. Fruits are rich in vitamins. Fruits such as kiwi, pears, apples and banana’s can be consumed everyday. Consuming fruits improves the health and strengthens the mother and also the baby. Citric fruits are rich in fibre, folic acids and vitamins.
  • Lean meats are rich in iron so that they get absorbed by the body. It is believed that pregnant woman must consume lean meat in order to stay fit. Consuming food rich in iron helps in synthesising RBC and flow of oxygen in human blood.
  • Pregnant woman must consume a bowl of vegetables everyday as they are rich in vitamins, fibre and iron. Consuming broccoli and cabbage are rich in calcium as they are rich in fibre and antioxidants; they help in fighting many diseases. Consumption of green vegetables helps the body to absorb iron.