The new year is around the corner and most of us will start thinking of jotting down our new year resolutions. The most common resolutions that people make are - shed extra weight, start a fitness regime, or plan a better lifestyle. But do we really achieve it? For some, it may be a “yes” but for quite a few of us it is a “no”. The reasons can be many. However, we need to consider the fact that health lost once, is lost forever. Kudos to you if you have already, made the start. If you haven’t, well there is no better time than NOW!

Few tips towards achieving health and fitness goals in 2021:

1) Patience– Take a deep breath and remind yourself that being healthy is a continuous journey and will require some time, a little patience, and lots of motivation.

2) Set a realistic goal - Your friend may have lost a few pounds in just a couple of months but you may take a little longer since you and your body are different from hers. So always set realistic goals over a medium-term horizon like 3 months or months. Then break it down to weekly or monthly goals. Do not focus on the weighing scale alone. Instead, focus on your overall health. Look at the mirror and ask yourself –“how do I want to be in June 2021?” A specific, realistic answer may be: “in the next 6 months I want to see my diabetes in control with good gain in muscle weight and reduction in few kilos of body fat”. Next, monitor your sugar levels and weight regularly and get a customized nutrition and exercise plan for yourself. 

3) Review your results and efforts – What gets measured gets done. Generally, people give up on their commitments saying I tried but it did not happen. Analyze is it really true? Efforts done to achieve anything never go in vain. Just ensure your efforts are as per your health requirements. Be consistent in following your plan and measure the results periodically. Make a daily routine and stick to it.

4) Create Positive Circles – Spread the good cheer! Associate yourself with like-minded people who will encourage you and will push you to achieve your wellness goals.  It can be a set of people or an individual like your friend, neighbor, co-worker, or even a social friend who is aligned to a goal just like you.

5) Reward yourself – we as humans always love to be rewarded for everything we do and achieve. But as adults, we expect to be awarded by others and generally, it does not happen. Remember your health is your journey, so reward yourself. For example: if you have achieved a particular number on the scale that you were targeting, visit a restaurant to boost your confidence or go for a new makeover to boost your personality, or do anything that motivates you to do more.

6) Be persistent and consistent- The key to achieving or fulfilling your fitness and health goals lies in being persistent and consistent. Whatever goals you are setting for yourself, ensure you stick to it and are continuously motivated to follow your plan and achieve your goals.