Why should the milk teeth be preserved till the time of exfoliation?

  •  Prevention of pain is more desirable and easier to handle than its relief.So it is the responsibility of parent to prevent dental diseases in children.
  • Primary teeth are best space maintainers and they guide the eruption of permanent teeth into their accurate positions.Primary teeth maintain the arch length for the proper eruption of permanent teeth into their accurate positions.
  • In simple word,primary teeth preserve the spaces and prepare the path for the permanent successors.Hence they can prevent the occurence of future proper alignment and contacts to a great extent.
  • Primary teeth play an important role in the growth and development of a child.They help the child to chew all kinds of food and thus helps in having healthy diet and nutrition.Your child lacks appetite may be due to aching teeth which force them to avoid food.
  • Primary teeth also help in proper speech development.Child who lose their front teeth early are found to develop lisping.
  • Children today are concerned about their appearance.Presence of black decayed tooth stumps arouse much ridicule from their peers and in turn affect their self confidence and emotional development.
  • Good dental health plays a key role in maintaining a healthy oral environment which in turn contributes to general well being.

Most common disease affecting primary and permanent teeth

  • Tooth decay is the most prevalent disease among children.It is a bacterial disease causing demineralisation and dissolution of tooth substance leading to decay,infection,pain and ultimately tooth loss.
  • Presence of bacteria along with refined carbohydrates such as sugar,over a period of time on susceptible teeth acts as a major factor in causing the disease.
  • Bacteria act on the food substances and produce acids which demineralise the tooth substance.

In next series we will be knowing about how children acquire this bacteria and dietary recommendations.

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