Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. A very apt description to highlight the importance of health. A very catchy one too, because people tend to flock toward wherever money is concerned Money is something we all understand the importance of. The reasons behind this deep and passionate understanding are as follows.

  • Firstly, we need a few good bucks to spend on the lavish lifestyle we always dreamed of.
  • Second and the most important factor is the unflinching hard work we did to earn that money. People often value to things that are hard to earn. We can’t stand our efforts going unfulfilled. We cherish the money we get after dedicating ourselves to a month full of mental, physical and emotional stress. However, people generally forget all about the real wealth that should be cherished.

Health should be our utmost priority. As it is said 'A healthy outside starts from the inside'. Most of the times people neglect their health due to varied reasons. This negligence has slow effects. Slow effects which are long-term and hazardous.

  • Nowadays, the youth find themselves suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, low immune system and what not. The clear-cut reason behind this is the lack of thought and time invested to stay fit.
  • Kids nowadays prefer binge eating in front of the television rather than playing out in a park or engaging in some kind of a sport.
  • The middle-aged people sit in front of their laptops for hours on at a stretch with no movement what so ever.
  • The major workload also affects the eating habits of the individuals.

All in all, this lack of care about their health eventually leads to certified trips to doctors and frequent uptake of antibiotics. The decrease in their fitness level also causes an impact on their work performance leading to stress and mental and emotional problems.

All these unnecessary problems can be avoided by a little effort toward staying fit. Dedicating sometime for some kind of an exercise may it be yoga, some sport, jogging etc helps a lot. It refreshes our mind and body and leads to a better work productivity. Eating proper meals with the right nutrition at the right time prevents the untimely snacking on unhealthy foods. Proper sleep and a right schedule of waking up and going to bed give enough rest to last through a day without feeling tired. These small changes in one's lifestyle lead to a happy and satisfied life.

Money, if lost, can be gained back if the person is healthy. But health once lost is impossibly hard to gain back even after investing a large amount of money.

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.