In recent times , there is an upsurge of many lifestyle diseases in our society. Obesity, Diabetes , cancers & tumors, cardiac ailments strokes or chronic kidney diseases, liver disorders are an outcome of mismanaged lifestyle. We ourselves are the author of our health or diseases. From conception to graveyard, life is a journey of ages. Body goes constant transformation and it is made up of the food we consume. 

 Physical body, mind and emotions if well managed and nurtured according to the discretion of our soul,we cherish a good health. Positive health contributes to immense happiness and enable us to enjoy the current moment. Physical health is dependent on wise food selection. It must comprise complex carbohydrates proteins , vitamins and minerals from natural resources. Steaming or minimal cooking technologies to enhance the nutrient value is advisable at times.

 Exercise is basic to our existence as:

  1. It improves our circulation
  2. Boosts our immunity
  3.  Prevents memory loss and delays brain degeneration
  4. Delays aging
  5.  Cardiac health and functions are significantly improved
  6. Weight management and optimal BMI achieved.
  7. Good hormonal balance & better control of  blood sugars seen.
  8. And Remodeling or arthritic joint takes place and power of leg muscle improves.

At least 25 mins walk for 5 days a week can promote the above to a major extent. Control of unguarded thoughts are achieved through practice of meditation. This improves the cognitive function and helps prevent depression, reduces stress anxiety and anger. Our soul deserves to reside in a healthy body with focused mind and positive emotions.Right diet , right action and right thought are crucial to healthy living even today.