Wheat germ oil is highly nutritious food which is derived from wheat germ and is the heart of wheat. It is found at the centre of wheat.

It contains 23 different nutrients including protein, B-Vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, phosphorus, trace elements, oils, essential fatty acids and natural oestrogen.

It is the best source of vitamin E and a fine source of protein, half a cup of raw wheat germ provides the equivalent to four eggs.

Wheat germ oil contain octacosanol, a type of waxy alcohol, whose effects on the body are many and include increasing energy, endurance and strength, improving resistance to the effects of stress, reducing muscle spasms, toning up reflexes, alleviating the pain of arthritis and improving heart beat.

It is normally cold pressed and unrefined, packed in tightly capped amber glass bottles to protect it from spoiling. The oil has a denser concentration of active nutrients such as octacosanol and vitamin E.

The effect of wheat germ oil is much greater than those of wheat germ flakes.