• Headache is a common problem complained by children. I am going to give you some ideas of when to seek help.
  • The primary fear for any parent is whether my child has a brain tumour. The good news is that it is extremely rare.

    What to look for:

    Headache in the early morning hours, that wake you from sleep;
    Headache associated with projectile vomits;
    Headache in less than 5 years old children;
    Confusional states, off balance, deterioration in school work, any deterioration in vision or hearing.
    The above situations demand an immediate review with your Paediatrician or Paediatric Neurologist.
    They are likely to do a scan.

    Commonest causes are - Tension headache and Migraine headaches.
    Others: - Ice pick headaches.
    Secondary causes:
    Sinusitis, meningitis, eye strain, brain blood vessel abnormality, sinus thrombosis.

    Tension headaches occur related to stress. It usually starts in the morning and carries through the day. It is low grade and does not respond to medication. Examination is normal. Best treatment is meditation, relaxation exercises.

    There are various types of migraine. It should last at least 6 months before you get this label. The headache should last more than 1/2 hr and they usually look pale. there is often a family history. This usually lasts a few years after which it subsides spontaneously.

    The other type of headache I come across is attention headache. Children complain of a headache with a cold.The attention they get and chance to miss school makes them perceive the persistence of headache. They usually eat well and spend time in front of TV or computers. They sometimes try to control the family with their headaches. Back to school is the best treatment. This condition should be identified early and treatment plan initiated. there is a risk of entrenchment when this is left undiagnosed. Parents have to trust the doctors here.