Gastritis and gerd (gastro oesophageal reflux disorder) is an irritating disorder and that which causes a lot of 'heartburn'! 

Symptoms include: burning in the upper abdomen, bloating, eructations or belching, wind or flatulence and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and occasionally acute pain in chest! 

7 - Simple tips to manage the symptoms while taking medicines to sort it are: 

1. Have a meal plan. Eat small, frequent meals. Avoid any binge eating, especially at dinner times. For eg: desserts should not be eaten after a meal. Eat it as a snack in between in controlled portion  

2. Avoid late dinners. Keep a couple of hours gap before you lie down after dinner. Go for a walk after dinner to aid digestion 

3. Keep yourself hydrated with water! 

4. Avoid high gaseous food group together in one meal (fermented or with soda bicarbonate as additives) 

5. Avoid caffeine and aerated drinks and cut back on alcohol and tobacco  

6. Exercise and work at core strengthening to aid the muscles which help in propelling food within the correct time. 

7. Consume enough pre and pro biotics to keep your gut strong!