Very often when trying to lose weight, one of the few foods we seek to eliminate from our plate is RICE.

But, DID YOU KNOW that eating Rice can actually help your weight loss plan?

Confused? Let me explain:

i) Rice is not just carbs, it has amino acids too: Yes! Amino acids are building blocks of protein, and we often eat our rice with dal or a pulse - and hence end completing the amino acid profile for that meal.

ii) Rice is very light on the stomach: making it easier for bowel movement & for digestion

iii) It has an enzyme called inositol: which is responsible for giving it - fat burning and mind-calming properties!

So, stop blaming the rice in your diet, instead, re-evaluate your lifestyle. Are you working out? And if you do workout an hour each day, how are you spending the rest of your day? Are you on your couch or do you move about?