In a way, breakfast is "breaking the fast" because after sleeping for eight hours and being without food during the night, our brain and muscles need energy and fuel to kick-start the body functions. The glucose in food (as well as the vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and protein) is how we get this energy. With this rush of nutrients and glucose to our brains, we are better able to concentrate, focus, are productive, and in better spirits. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. 

Not only does it give you energy to start a new day, but breakfast is linked to many health benefits, including weight control and improved performance.

A healthy breakfast can also increase endurance and strength, especially if you have a very active job or if you plan on going to the gym after breakfast. A well-balanced breakfast will also increase mental alertness and concentration. Healthy carbohydrates are essential for this, since they provide the glucose that fuels your brain.

Make the choice for health! Here is the list of healthy breakfast ideas that will get you going all day long.


Oats are considered as one of the most nutritionally balanced and healthy breakfast option. Use oats and skimmed milk to make your perfect breakfast, add some fruits if you want. This is a great way to start the day as oats have a low GI (Glycaemic Index) so they do not raise the blood glucose level very quickly, which is good as it can help stabilize the appetite.


Upma is also a good option for a healthy breakfast. Upma is a great combination of semolina (suji) & green vegetables, which give you a nutrient-rich meal full of vitamins that will warm and fill you up. This light breakfast is very healthy and will give you the energy you need, just make sure to go easy on the salt and oil and incorporate plenty of vegetables for a balanced breakfast.

Fresh fruit

Breakfast is not all about oats and bread & butter. Fresh fruit in the morning can also be a great & healthy way to start the day, as they are easy to digest and are an efficient source of raw energy for the day. If the water-based fruits are not filling enough, go with bananas. Besides, you can always cut the fruit up and add it to your other favorite breakfasts.

Stuffed Paratha

Stuffed Paratha could also be a healthy breakfast option. It's also a nutritious and filling breakfast. You can add green vegetables like methi, spinach, cauliflower or also you can stuff with low fat cottage cheese. Make sure you cook on a non-stick pan with minimum oil. This is not only a delicious option but it's also full of nutrition and keeps you full for a longer time.


If you really can’t face breakfast try to have a smoothie instead. Just blend some fruits such as berries, apples and bananas with some milk. All those antioxidant vitamins in the fruit will help boost your immunity, apart from giving you a tasty blend of filling beverage.


Scrambled eggs in the breakfast is considered as a healthy breakfast. Poaching or scrambling eggs with a little milk is a good way to incorporate them into your diet — they provide valuable protein. Scrambled egg on brown bread toast is a much better choice over a fried egg sandwich, especially if you add chillies and tomato.

Vegetables Sandwich

Vegetables can be a perfect source for all significant fiber and vitamins required by the body. Spinach, carrots, beetroots and other vegetables of your choice can be used to make a healthy sandwich.

There are foods which we have only as a part of our healthy breakfast like cereals, fruits and milk. If you bypass your breakfast you might never get those nutrients. If you have been skipping breakfast and are in bad mood, you probably should know why. Not having breakfast makes you grouchy. So make each day a great day by starting your day with a sumptuous & healthy breakfast.