Smile, a person’s ability to express a range of emotions with the structure and movement of the teeth and lips. Smile can often determine how well a person can function in society.

The goal of anesthetic makeover is to develop a peaceful and stable masticatory system, where the teeth, tissues, muscles, skeletal structures and joints all function in harmony.

Harmonizing anesthetics smile requires a perfect integration of facial composition and dental composition. The facial composition includes the hard and soft tissues of the face. The dental composition relates more specifically to teeth and their relationship to gingival tissues.

Smile design should involve the evaluation of certain elements in a specific sequence; 

(1) Facial analysis(general facial balance), 

(2) Dento-facial analysis (maxillo-mandibular relationships to the face, and the dental midline relationship to the face) 

(3) Dento-labial analysis (the relationship of the teeth to the lips), 

(4) Dento-gingival analysis (the relationship of the teeth to the gingiva, and 

(5) Dental analysis(the inter tooth and intra tooth relationships, ie, form and position along with color). Even though there is a specific sequence recommended it must be understood that all of the elements are interrelated; changing one will have an impact on all the others.

An ideal esthetic treatment plan should be minimally invasive, preserving as much of the natural structures as possible and attempts to achieve perfection in every way. It should also realign the ideal form and function of the teeth and tissues while enhancing the esthetics and should never compromise the patient's oral health or the stability of his or her teeth.

So, Have a cheeky smile now!!!!!!