Have you ever noticed how kids remain happy and how minutest thing makes them happy, they are content with the world around them; they don’t fear smiling back to a stranger, ever wondered how? Because they know nothing more than today, not expecting anything from anybody. They live in the moment, they have no grudges no ill-feeling for people around them. As we grow we tend to have problems, expectations, aspirations, which doesn’t allow us to remain in present. With so much running in our minds do we even remember when did we laugh from our stomach? Ironically all our expectations aspirations are intended to make us happy but at times when one cannot cope with the focus and hard work required to attain that aspired goal stress arises resulting in depression.

In our society as the child grows he is traumatized by the term 'failure'. As and how the individual grows he is scared to fail, failing nowhere proves you are unworthy but our society creates a pseudo-culture of insecurity if a person fails. so much so that he fears attempting which in turn makes him sad agitated from himself n people around him. that one child who was once happy with everything around starts remaining quite aloof and agitated. so who is to be blamed here - the child, parents, family, or we as a society. Let's try to make things simple for us and for each other.

Small tips to reduce stress and be content from within

  • Start your day smoothly, sleep early to wake up early without an alarm or harsh noise, tell yourself before sleeping the time you want to get up. Your brain is the best alarm clock. Try it!
  • Observe nature and try to find beauty in peace.
  • Praise yourself for doing your best.
  • Praise others from the heart.
  • Help the needy or a voiceless creature.
  • Leave the past to pass. Move on!
  • Eat properly and healthy.
  • Explore the unknowns.
  • Keep talking to your parents even if you think they don’t understand you. Keep the conversation simple.
  • Trust your choices, believe in yourself.
  • End your day by thanking everything around you.
  • Last but not least SMILE! Trust me it has psychological effects. It boosts your entire system.

Try solving your problems on your own and with people your trust but in case you find no relief. Never ever fear to reach to professional help, our counselors are there to help you! If you notice the following symptoms, please visit an expert.

  • When you can’t discuss your situation with your family/friends.
  • When people around you don’t understand you.
  • When life seems worthless-when you feel unnecessarily agitated.
  • When discussing your situation/problems with your family confused you more.
  • Staying away from the public gives you relief-sense of lethargy follows from the time you get up.
  • Visible mood swings and not able to understand the real reason behind it.
  • A sense of hopelessness.
  • Lack of decision-making capacity.
  • Unexplained hatred with something or someone.
  • Unexplained phobia.

There can be many more individual thoughts that can disturb your inner peace. your health is directly affected by your mental health please take good care of it.

Stay happy stay healthy!