As the lockdown started and the regular nicotine users finding it difficult to manage cravings, though it is a wonderful opportunity to detox and practice de-addiction steps it is surely not easy. Among all the addictive drugs tobacco is labeled as the most addictive substance. Getting through the nicotine withdrawal is very difficult especially in the first week. Nicotine withdrawals may include the following things: 

  • Headaches 
  • a strong craving for cigarettes, nicotine 
  • cough 
  • irritable and restless
  • body pain and tiredness
  • sleep disturbance 
  • trouble in concentration

THIS TOO SHALL PASS! The good news is, this discomfort will last just for a week. complete abstinence will take care of discomfort slowly. lets quickly understand what we can do to overcome the craving. 

source: billion heart 

1.  Nicotine Replacement Therapy: with the advice of health care professionals; Use patches, gums to replace nicotine. This process is slowly cut down the nicotine and thus there will be no craving or strong withdrawal.

2. Engage oral energy:  keep your teeth busy, eat something crunchy i.e roasted chana, sugar candy, etc. healthy snacks can help.

3. Drink citrus juices: certain foods and drinks can be a potential benefit when you are trying to quit smoking, Use sugar-free lemon water, sweet lime (Mosambi) juice or something which is sour in taste can help.

4. Do quick exercise like jumping on both the legs or walk when a craving hits. 

5. Manage the fixed time: Start new activities for times when you definitely smoke 

6. Deep breath: another powerful small activity is to practice stomachful breathing!

7. Discuss: Acknowledge that you have craving and discomfort and talk about it to your sober friends, discussion helps. 

8. Handling triggers: list the triggers and anticipate the plan of action to overcome it 

9. Choose Safe Places:  When you don't want to smoke head to a public place where you cannot smoke. (No smoking area)

10. Remember why you want to stop and talk about it to your friends and family, after all the word of appreciation matters a lot!

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