In the wake of this pandemic that has now halted the whole world with a widely applicable lockdown across nations, it's only wise to keep following the safety guidelines to help prevent this pandemic spread further. One of the key guidelines that were radiated across various guidelines had been the precaution to keep washing your hand regularly. Now, if you are constantly on the move and have been coming in contact with more surfaces than you cannot keep count of, you must be wondering how to take care of yourself with such precautionary measures. It's here that a hand sanitizer comes into the picture.

What is a Hand Sanitizer? Should I Use It Instead Of A Hand wash?

A hand sanitizer is a liquid that can be used in place of hand washes in case you are not able to wash your hand with a soap and water. Ideally, if you can source the water and a soap solution, it can take care of germs more efficiently with the cleanliness factor than a normal sanitation with a hand sanitizer. But these days, having an alcohol based hand sanitizer can just be as efficient.

What are the measures I must take note of while buying a hand sanitizer?

According to WHO guidelines, you must note the concentration of alcohol in the hand sanitizer you are buying. In case you want to go for an Ayurveda based hand sanitizer you can look out for Prasanna concentration which is an alcohol based Ayurvedic substance. Ideal concentration of alcohol is considered to be above 96% and must be strictly adhered to when you are looking for an all round protection.