What are the hallmarks of fit and healthy skin?

  • Even color with no patchiness and difference in color shades. This is usually seen due to skin damage due to sun exposure, pigmentation due to obesity in skin folds and also chemical and hormonal imbalance

  • Blemish-Free means no scars, no birthmarks, no sun spots and no freckles. However most of these can be treated with various lasers and peels

  • Radiant and glowing which largely depends on the balance between the oil and water content of the skin. However vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also lead to loss of radiance and glow

  • Smooth Texture as in soft to touch. Just like our hair fall, our skin falls too ( but you don't see it). Sometimes with pollution, age, too much makeup or improper cleansing, this skin shedding becomes slow leading to rough texture. Also acne scars and chicken pox can cause pits and depressions

  • Moist and supple: More hydrated, more healthy the skin looks and it is moist to touch. Such skin is also resistant to infections and allergies

  • Disease free: Means no acne, no scars and no allergies

  • Low sensitivity, high resistance: Some skin types fall prey to slightest change of seasons and cosmetics whereas others are as tough as a rock. Well skin has its own immunity that is mainly an interplay of nutritional status, heredity as well as internal and external factors