In this article, we will talk about hair loss and the role of plastic surgeons in finding solutions to hair fall. 

As plastic surgeons, we mostly come across patients in various stages of male pattern baldness according to Norwood scale ranging from grade 1 to grade 7. Hair restoration surgery or hair transplant as commonly called is one of the most common cosmetic procedures done for men in India and worldwide. 

Male pattern baldness affects almost all ageing men (some more than others). It is usually influenced by androgens. Most of the pharmacological treatment is directed towards androgens only. However the spectrum of causes leading to hair fall in present day population is so much more. We have the environment affecting our hair quality. We have stress related issues leading to hair fall. We have nutritional issues (due to poor intake or bariatric surgery these days) leading to poor quality hair which fall easily. All these factors compound hair fall problems demanding a more comprehensive approach to tackle hair fall. 

Hair fall is increasingly being reported in females also so much so that 40-50% patients approaching us for hair fall are females. Hair restoration technology is advancing very rapidly. We are now able to see scalp skin and hair roots in much better magnified details than we could see before. It is helping us understand the factors causing hair fall better. Today we can measure thickness of every hair and count number of follicular units in a given area with sophisticated imaging softwares. It helps us in better follow ups and documentation of results after various therapies. Markets are filled with various treatment being done by plastic surgeons, dermatologist and also by numerous unqualified persons like PrP, pharmacological treatments, oils and hair restoration surgery. 

Patients often get confused about what to do? Patients often call us asking if PrP (Plasma Rich Platelet) will help them or they need hair transplant. We always tell them to visit and have a proper examination because it is almost impossible to advice patients which procedure or medication might help them without a proper examination. Patients with same Norwood scale baldness may benefit from different strategies ranging from PrP, Nutritional supplements, pharmacological drugs , hair restoration surgery and latest being stem cell therapy. 

With so many factors playing role in hair fall, it is important that your plastic surgeon is able to pinpoint the exact cause of hairfall and direct his treatment to mitigate the cause. Hair fall is preventable, reversible and curable provided proper evaluation is done for you. We usually apply a multi-pronged strategy with our patients to evaluate all these parameters. We see hairfall not as an isolated problem. In doing so we are able to improve overall well being of our patients along with hair improvement. For example, one might be suffering from micronutrient and mineral deficiency leading to poor hair quality and hair loss. 

If we do not improve upon nutrition and institute, PrP or minoxidil or hair transplant for the patient it may not give expected good results. Similarly patients dealing with stress and having hairfall may have suboptimal results if stress is not dealt with and rest of the treatment is started. Markets are flooded with people offering 100% results (mostly quacks and unqualified people with no formal training whatsover). Patient should be aware and smart enough to choose right plastic surgeon for his evaluation and treatment. Hair treatment does not always mean PrP and hair transplants. There is so much more to it. Hope this article helps you making a good and rational choice for your hair loss treatment and we wish you healthy hair.

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