Smile, which is a result of various human emotional aspects has got a huge role to play in the society to create an impression. For a pleasant smile many factors play a role such as upper and lower lip positions, teeth size, shape and position, gum health etc. Amongst these factors, the amount of gum display plays a major role in some people that cause a concern in the smile point of view.

Gummy smile is approximately seen in 10% of population and more commonly in females. The most common causes of gummy smile are:

  1. Excessive movement of upper lip muscles
  2. Thin upper lip
  3. Excessive upper jaw growth
  4. Excessive downward movement of upper teeth

This can be corrected by a simple surgical treatment at the Dentist's office by a technique called Modified lip repositioning and Gingivectomy with Osteoplasty. It may take 7-9 months for final esthetic results to be achieved