Gummy smile is quite commonly seen in many patients. Smiles look “gummy” when the proportions of the gum tissues dominate the teeth when the individual smiles. Other factors that need to be considered are 

  • Size and shape of teeth
  • Length of upper lip
  • Relationship of teeth and upper jaw

Such patients usually want to get their smiles improved permanently with the help of the advanced dental treatments. The treatment chosen for every patient depends on various factors and the ones which dominate the case are focused on by the dentist and the treatment is done according to it.

Here are some of the most successful treatments of the gummy smile correction:

  • Laser / Surgical Gum correction 

Gum correction is the option used for treating the gummy smile when the gum tissue is present in more than required quantity. Gingivoplasty (modifying gum contour) and gingivectomy (trimming the gum selectively) are the well-known treatments for the correction of the gummy smiles. Here, the dentist or periodontist reduces the amount of the gums by removing some part of the gums surrounding the teeth and shaping it to create a prominent look of the teeth especially the upper front teeth. This can be done with LASER or other conventional means

  • Cosmetic dentistry 

With the rise in the modern technology-based treatments for the correction of the gummy smiles, aesthetically focused facings as well as crowns are used to a great extent in today’s time. Porcelain and zirconium crowns provide both aesthetics as well as functioning abilities to the respective teeth.

  • Botox

Botox treatment is done for the muscles of the upper lip to control the excessive uplifting of the upper lips and therefore making the smile focused on the teeth. Patients need not worry as the facial expressions remain unaffected by this Botox treatment. The treatment results can successfully work for the time period of 4 to 9 months period. Individuals can get the botox injections after the effects of the botox seem to be on the reducing side.

  • Myotomy 

This is a surgery which is done in order to weaken the upper lip muscles so that the upper lip lifts only up to the desired level. This surgery has permanent results. The time taken for the procedure is around 1 hour. Then , the patients can easily smile with great confidence without showcasing excess gums.

  • Detaching upper lip 

If the attachment between the upper lip and gums is more than the required amount, then the incision of the attachment is done to reduce the length of the attachment. This ensures that the patients can smile without unnecessary exposure of the gums even when the patient is not smiling. The treatment has permanent results which will exist for the lifetime and create great confidence in the patients.

  • Orthognathic surgery

In this , surgical methods are used to settle the smile in front and profile angle to give an aesthetic look.

Thus, gummy smiles can be treated with great success by the dentists and the dental teams thus ensuring beautiful smiles for the patients. In this way, the aesthetics of the teeth associated with the gums surrounding them can be dealt in the best way with the correct use of the gum correction procedures.