Inflammation or swelling leads to hardened arteries, also called atherosclerosis.That's a condition that makes it hard for blood to flow to your heart. It puts you at greater risk for heart attack and stroke.

Inflammation is also a sure sign of gum disease. Gums infection starts with Gingivitis ie you will feel ..are Sore, swollen, red & tender gums. when gingivitis stage is not corrected this lead to Periodontitis,which leads to bone loss, infected pockets of germy pus. That's the type that raises the worry for heart problems. It allows bacteria and other toxins to spread below the gum line.

"Your gums are very vascular, meaning they're full of blood vessels. And, your mouth is full of bacteria. If it is left untreated, you're going to get bacteria in your bloodstream, which can go any where and trigger inflammation throughout the body," Boyden says."Inflammation is one of the main things that cause damage to bloodvessels, including those of the heart."