Gulkand or rose petals jam is a delicious Ayurvedic preparation which is used in many health issues. It can be easily made at home by arranging alternate layers of rose petals and mishri or sugar in a glass jar then putting this jar in sunlight for 3-4 days, then mix it properly and add cardamom.

 It is used alone or with other Ayurvedic medicine, it balances pitta dosha in body due to its cool property. 

Health benefits 

Gulkand is full of goodness, it's regular consumption is really beneficial in maintaining health and in many disorders. 

* It rejuvenate body and mind, used as health tonic to maintain good health. It can be consumed daily.

* It relieves acidity. 

* Used in mouth ulcer. 

* Useful in constipation. It is safe to use in pregnancy and in kids. 

* It improves digestion, good for intestinal health. Used in peptic ulcer, GERD and acid reflux. 

* Good for heart and used in palpitations. 

* It is used in pimples, skin rashes, itching, boils and other skin problems due to excess heat. It protects skin from sunburn.

* Useful in heavy menstrual discharge, white discharge and painful periods.

* Helps in conceiving by strengthen uterus, prevent abortion. 

* Reduces hot flashes during menopause.

* Increases sperm quality and quantity. 

* Helps in reducing burning sensation during urination, it is used along with other Ayurvedic medicine in urinary infection. 

* Decreases uric acid level.

* Good for eyes, it relieves burning sensation and irritation of eyes. 

* Relieves heat related fatigue, muscle pain, headache, nose bleeding and excessive sweating.

* Relieves burning sensation in sole and palm. 

* It is an antidepressant and calms the mind.