The most important kind of relationship is what a parent shares with the child – the better the relationship, the better the rearing can be. A parent-child relationship is one that caters to the physical, emotional, and social development of the child. It’s a unique bond that every child and parent experience, enjoy and nurture.

1. Understand your responsibilities as a parent 

Parents must prepare their child to become an independent, fully functioning adult by being a guide, mentor and a friend. The parent has to understand the child’s need and act according to it and not force upon their choices and needs onto them.

2. Respect each other’s boundaries

It is important for parents to allow their child to have increasingly more privacy and autonomy. Allow the child to explore around and guide wherever needed and encourage them to learn from their experiences. Restricting them from exploring might affect their confidence level and the child might become dependent on parent to face new situations.

3. Listen carefully 

All human beings wants to be listened to and heard, and children are no exception. Some issues might seem like a small issue to adults, may be a big deal to kids. The parents should learn listening skills that will help them to understand the emotions their child may be trying to convey in conversations. 

4. Spend time together and Laugh 

Sharing some good time with your kids creates the feeling of togetherness and can make them feel happy and makes you feel less stressed.

5. Express the feelings to each other 

Everyone has need for appreciation and affection. Make an effort to point out the good qualities of the child and make them feel good about it.

6. Remain calm at the time of stress

 Nothing gets resolved at the time of stress rather one might express negative feelings onto the wrong target. One should try to relax and take some time off before interacting with loved ones.