It is a very common and well accepted myth that any orthodontic dental treatment with braces can be and should be done mainly after 12-15 years of age.This is just not true.

If your child has any of these :

a) Mouth breathing habit: during day time or especially at night while sleeping

b) Thumb or digit sucking habit

c) Disturbed night time sleep: he or she wakes up frequently at night due to lack of deep sleep

d) Milk teeth not falling on their and every time you either remove it or get it removed by your dentist 

e) Any erupting permanent teeth not coming in its normal position and coming out of the arch

f) Snoring at during night:If your child snores at night

g) Crowding developing in the arches as early of 6 years of age or even less.

h) Prominent upper front teeth which looks bigger than the rest of the teeth in the arch. 

These are some early signs of developing malocclusion in your child.

Kindly don't allow malocclusions to develop and become more severe with growing age.

Treatment with braces at a later stage can be very easily prevented or intercepted at young age.

Get your child examined early to prevent development of full blown malocclusions.