In today's world, a visit to the dentist is the most procrastinated item on your checklist! With the advent of refined food and lack of roughage in one's diet, the chances of decay and subsequent loss of teeth are high. On a practical note, a lot of youngsters have one or more missing teeth. So, the question arises as to why do we need to replace a missing tooth ? 

Let's review the possible implications of loss of teeth

1. Loss of balance on both sides,

When patients tend to lose a tooth on one side, they automatically start using the opposing side, which intern leads to totally neglect of the affected side. The side which is used more becomes more prone to cavity formation and gum disease.

2. Loss of jaw bone 

Replacement of teeth is of utmost importance as missing teeth induce loss of jaw bone which can further weaken the neighboring teeth. Breakdown of the bone in the area of the missing tooth can impair future replacement procedures.

3. Drifting of teeth

Over a period of time, teeth have a tendency to move or drift into any empty space,  this happens both sidewards and downwards, eventually close this space, making your bite wayward thus inducing a change in the way you bite. 

Consult your dentist today for timely replacement of missing teeth as modern dentistry has a wide variety of treatment options ranging from removable appliances, fixed teeth and dental implants. Replacement of teeth thus have a dual role- both functional and aesthetic.

To conclude, missing teeth can impair your chewing efficiency and can have a negative impact on your digestive system.  This can also lead to loss of self-esteem and confidence in some individuals.. As it is rightly said, a stitch in time saves nine!!