Basics about spine          

Spine / Backbone / Vertebral column is made of 33 individual bones (vertebrae) stacked one on top of the other with intervertebral disc, tendons, ligaments, spinal nerves & muscles to provide main support to body & allow to stand upright .

Adult spine has natural "S" shape with 33 number of vertebrae.

  • Cervical spine (neck) = 7
  • Thoracic spine (mid back) =12
  • Lumbar spine (lower back) =5
  • Sacrum & coccyx (tail) = 9 

What are the probable diseases of spine that you may have?

  • Spondylosis
  • Spondylitis
  • Herniation, bulging 
  • Disc diseases
  • Ankylosing spondylosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal stenosis 


  • Trauma (most probably blunt) orAccidents / fall 
  • Degeneration wear & tear 
  • Improper sitting postures & continue sitting for long 
  • Minor to major injuries  
  • Muscular spasm or twitching 

In India lack of knowledge & avoidance of symptoms are main causes. If we treat early it can be cured in less time. 

How to Diagnose

  • Symptoms
  • X ray 
  • MRI 
  • Nerve conduction study  


  • Lightening pain 
  • Continue mild dull pain relief after lying down
  • Throbbing pain 
  • Morning stiffness 
  • Pain during forward bending at particular angle 
  • If nerve compression is there; continue moderate to severe pain  

Exercise that helps you

Stretching exercise as per intensity of pain 

We recommend different asana to be performed on regular basis like bhujangasana, markatasan, pawanmuktasana, setu bandhasana, salabhasana, ustrasana.

Goodness of Ayurveda         

With Ayurveda, we are focused to treat it from root. For that we start treatment to heal & repositioning of vertebra with different Ayurvedic therapies which we are discussed as follows:

  1. Basti –medicated enema slow down the rate of degeneration that directly help to regeneration /rejuvenate and better absorption of essential nutritional elements.
  2. Kati or manya basti –pouring medicated oil to lumbar or cervical spinal affected joints helps to promote healing of degeneration taken place at the join & vertebral disc. Proper massage & steam to spine & whole helps to provide lubrication & strength it relieves pain, relax surrounding the spinal joint. 
  3. Proper massage & Steam Nnadi Swedan)- helps oil to reach out to joint as well make joints light,release stiffness & offers easy –better movements.
  4. Pind swedan – provides strength to paraspinal muscles & tendons to get better stability. It also improves muscle tone which help to maintain proper space between vertebrae.

Ayurvedic medicines have different properties which we used to cure joint reduces inflammation, provides strength, promotes healing, allows better range of mobility.          

Important thing these Ayurvedic medicines as well procedures like basti & massage provides strength to all joints & bones in the body not any specific joint,thats why its complete treatment & best preventive measurement for joint pains.  Isn’t it real goodness of Ayurveda!  

Dr.Niraj Gujarathi


Nashik l  Pune l  Chakan