Good for weight watchers

Vegetables delight with a Mediterranean Touch


  •  2- Teaspoon of olive oil or sesame oil      
  • 1-Onion sliced
  • 2 -Celery’s chopped      
  • 2 -garlic cloves
  • 1-Red pepper- sliced (long)    
  • 1-Yellow pepper -sliced (long)       
  • 2-Tomatoes chopped
  • 20 Gram mushroom  (optional)     
  • 1 Cup – Tomato puree
  • teaspoon tomato sauce     
  • 200 gms – boiled chickpeas     
  • Some olives (green or black)       
  • Herbs – a few- Basil, parsley etc      
  • Salt & pepper as per taste


1. Take some oil in a pan, on heating add sliced onion, celery and garlic, cook over low heat.

2.  Add red & Yellow bell pepper and tomato toss and add mushrooms, toss lightly till tender.

3.  Add chickpeas, tomato puree and sauce, sprinkle some herbs and salt with pepper.

4. Cover pen for few minutes ( 2-3 min) over slow flame 

5. Open toss gently

6. Serve hot sprinkle, Basil and parsley, a few on it.  

This Recipe is protein packed with chickpeas and has vegetables like bell peppers with herbs giving the vitamin and minerals needed too, good for weight watchers. 1 Bowl itself is a good meal providing adequate nutrients. To feel fuller you can have a glass of buttermilk with some salt and cumin powder.You are left feeling full after this complete meal. If used to a chapati then you could add one of 25 gms weight in your diet along with this . Hope you enjoy it.