Pimples, blackheads,blemishes, whiteheads and zits. There are many different names given to acne, with which many teenagers out there reading this article suffer with. Acne known commonly as pimples is common among the teens and usually disappears or gets better after the teen years.

It is true that many youngsters feel very embarrassed and inferior to face the crowd if suffering from this cosmetic malady, while many are least bothered about it. How you feel about your acne may not be related to how bad it is.

There are many treatments that can help you get your acne under control, the best being homeopathy.

Homeopathy, which is a holistic science helps people get rid of their acne totally. Once the person gets rid of the problem he no longer needs to worry as the cure is permanent. But for this we need to know how this acne occurs on our skin and how homeopathy helps in treating from the roots of its origin. We will also need to know how homeopathy is superior to other modes of treatment of acne.

Acne which starts generally in the teen years is due to the hormonal changes that start taking place in the body during this period of time. Acne can run in families. If one of the parents is having or has had severe acne then it is quiet likely that the child will also be suffering with it. 

The process of formation of acne starts with the imbalance of the hormone called testosterone, which increases the oil secretions on the skin.

This oil secreted by the skin glands gets mixed with dead cells. Microbes start growing in this mixture and the acne starts getting painful, reddened and filled with pus. Giving a try to the home remedies helps a lot in the cessation of acne in some people while in some there is no amelioration and need to consult a physician. 

When a person visits a homeopath for the treatment of acne, he or she is scrutinized through a long process of case taking which helps the physician to know the exact problem which is causing acne in the patient. The homeopath gives medicines to the patient and not the disease as I have mention earlier. The patient is given medicines which suit his constitution, his mental state, his physical state and ofcourse have the potential to cure his discomfort. 

Homeopathy lets the body cure itself, so the homeopaths give mild doses of medicines to the patient, which not only cure the disease but also help in restoring the patient’s other problems related to physical and mental sphere. These days many people are choosing homeopathy for their treatment. The relief with homeopathy will be rapid, gentle and permanent.