Constipation is really a hurdle, a block for natural cleaning process of the body. We eat after every three to four hours interval. The end product of digestive process is nutrients which get absorbed in the blood and the fecal matter which is supposed to be thrown outside the body. But……. These easy processes sometimes get malfunctioned and the result is straining and stressing daily with anxiety to see the shit. Taking a long time in the toilet which collapses all our time planning for the day, in addition to being cursed by the family members as we block their way too. This problem is so commonly suffered by masses, that Bollywood movies like Piku got this constipation problem as their center of attraction in the whole script. Constipation got such an importance in this movie as super star Amitabh Bacchan was not at all embarrassed to play a role of a mean father suffering from constipation. I wish his Homeopathic doctor had given him some deep acting remedy in the movie to cure his well highlighted constipation.

Let us see how we can move the bowels to go well by these five ways

  • Relaxation of mind and body - Get a good sleep. At least seven or eight hours of undisturbed sleep helps in good functioning of all the body systems including bowels. “Take it lightly dude” is the mantra of happiness nowadays. Excess sensitivity, negative emotions should be given full stop for achieving mental peace and relaxation. Have a habit of talking to people who make you feel relaxed. If you get a choice, avoid being in a company of persons who make you feel more stressed. Do include regular exercise in your daily routine.
  • Always honor Nature’s call first - Whenever we are stressed, we will have constipation.  Our body procrastinates natural calls when we are in a hurry. Children, working people who are in a rush to attend school or office in the busy hours of morning, tend to postpone their natures calls knowingly or unknowingly; as they don’t have long time to waste in the toilet. This is how many people suffer from constipation since childhood. “Early to bed early to rise” gives you enough time for your morning ablutions.
  • Include Fiber in your diet – Have a habit of eating green leafy and other vegetables, salads, homemade food, fruits, whole grains and legumes in your diet. Insoluble part of this fiber gets swollen by absorbing water and gives bulk mass to the stool. This helps movement of bowels smoothly and reduces constipation and its accompanying problems such as piles and fissures.
  • Control the stress in your life - constipation is a sign of retention. Holding grudges against someone, resentments in life, brooding over past unhappy events are some common habits which can give you bodily problems such as constipation. Instead of trying to control the world we can control our own emotions, expectations and deeds.
  • Homeopathic medicines - Last but not the least; Homeopathic medicines can relieve your short or long lasting constipation. We have hundreds of remedies for this ailment. Please consult a qualified Homeopath for the treatment.