Aerobic exercises makes you slightly breathless and increase you pulse rate.

Example of aerobic  exercises are   Swimming ,Walking.Running,Jogging etc .it means that if you have less time and you don’t want to go to a professional set up like gymnasium than also  you can perform aerobic workout.

  • Increase caridio vascular fitness
  • Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Increase your vitality and well being-Natural antidepressant.
  • Improves body tone and shape.
  • Strengthens bones and makes joint more flexible.
  • Increases Basal metabolic rate (your body burns more calories)
  • Burns up stored fat
  • Suppresses your appetite Relaxes you and make you sleep better
  • Enhances your skin.
  • WALKING : I always say ITS better to walk than talk. It is best way to do exercise aerobically, but you need to walk at a pace that can add effect. The great advantage about  walking is that you do not have to set aside a special time –you can do this on your way to work or shopping. Duration of 30-40 minutes is good according to your fitness level. you may start with only ten minutes than increase slowly on weekly basis.
  • JOGGING: Jogging is very popular and will certainly raise the heart rate ,at the cost of damage to your weight bearing joints-specially knees because of impact of running on a street surface, try to jog on a grass surface with good shoes.
  • SWIMMING : This is one of the best form of aerobic exercise: with your body supported in water, chances of injury to weight bearing joints is nill.20-30 minutes two  to three times a week is ideal.
  • WEIGHT TRAINING : weight training is a augmentation to aerobic exercise.it fouces on size strength and stamina of specific muscles.
  • CYCLING : Riding a bicycle is another form of aerobic activity.
  • Sports like rowing ,dancing skipping rope or trampoline also good form of aerobic activity.