Are you obsessed with dieting? Trying really hard to get rid of that extra pounds? Then you should really know about GM (General Motors) DIETIt is a 7 day quick diet. This is among the most popular fad diets, practised by Indians mainly because of its vegetarian concerns and reduced consumption of meat. The premise of this diet is plain calorie control and some unusual food choices.

Are you wondering how this diet is different? Because when you have tried everything and haven’t got the results. This diet can be a rescuer for you and help you to lose weight very quickly. Above all helps in detoxification and faster weight loss in just 1 week.

How it works!!

GM diet works by only allowing certain foods which are assigned for each day for a week. The foods are high in fibre and low in protein, carbohydrates and fat which leads to quick weight loss.

Here is the Indian GM diet for those who are vegetarians:

Day One:


  • Your first day will consist of eating unlimited amount of fruits all day. All fruits except for bananas
  • Watermelon is the most recommended food to eat on day one
  • Drink lots of water (no juices or colas) throughout the day. Read more to know about benefits of drinking water.

Day Two:

All vegetables

  • Start your day with two large baked potatoes for breakfast
  • Followed by restricting your diet to any kind of vegetables either raw or boiled
  • Drink lots of water (no juices or colas) throughout the day

Day Three:

  • Consume mixture of fruits and (raw/boiled) vegetables of your choice
  • You can't eat banana or potatoes
  • Drink lots of water (no juices or colas) throughout the day

Day Four:

Bananas and milk

  • Today you will eat as many as eight bananas and drink three glasses of milk
  • Drink lots of water (no juices or colas) throughout the day

Day Five:

Cheat day

  • You can have 1 (one) cup of brown rice. Know more about health benefits of brown rice.
  • You also have to eat 6 (six) whole tomatoes and drink 12 (twelve) glasses of water today to cleanse your system

Day Six:

  • Another day of all vegetables day
  • You are allowed to eat 1 cup of brown rice and unlimited amount of raw/boiled vegetables all day
  • Drink lots of water (no juices or colas) throughout the day

Day Seven (Last day): 

  • You get to eat 1 cup of brown rice, unsweetened lemon water
  • Unlimited amount of raw/steamed vegetables
  • Lots of water (no juices or colas) throughout the day

Drawbacks of sticking to GM DIET

GM diet is known to help you lose 5-8 kg within a week but the biggest problem with this diet could be many-

  1. GM diet doesn’t provide enough protein - This diet is low in protein and the main function of protein is building blocks and if the diet is low in protein, there could be muscle loss, more of skin and hair problems.
  2. Decreases your Fitness Performance This diet does not encourage exercise due to which it causes lot of weakness and starts affecting health by increasing more medical conditions like diabetes, heart problems, bloating, constipation etc.
  3. It makes you look old and unattractive If you stop taking enough nutrients in long run, your body will show immense muscle loss, energy levels will drop down due to which you will start looking dull and unattractive.
  4. It hampers your health People on this diet can develop nutritional deficiencies, it can lead to dehydration, hair loss and downfall in energy levels.
  5. Lowers your metabolism It restricts your body from various nutrients, due to which there will be more of health problems that ultimately give way to poor metabolism.
  6. Tend to put more weight - The downside to this diet is that the minute you start eating regular diet all that weight comes back quickly. And in most cases people tend to put on more weight than they had actually lost during the GM diet.

Hence GM Diet is not good for you. It is always better to keep your plate balanced and add more workout for a healthy living.