Maintaining one's own health is an important task, but helping others in maintaining their health is much more important. In this growing traffic conditions especially during the peak hours in metropolitan cities, it becomes a hurdle to make a patient reach the hospital. On the streets during busy traffic, an Ambulance with siren and lights indicates an acute emergency and its the duty of every citizen to make its way smoother and faster "as soon as possible". This may save someone's life! 

As soon as an ambulance with siren and lights on, enters a busy street here are few tips for all others on the street:


  • As soon as an Ambulance is noticed with a siren and lights on, immediately try to go aside and stop there so that a free space is created for the movement of Ambulance. 
  • Later start slowly  


  • Don't horn loudly and ride ahead of Ambulance. Instead of this silently go aside and stop, till the Ambulance passes.  
  • Except for the Ambulance, no other vehicle should jump the red signal, instead rearrangement should be done till the Ambulance passes that signal.
  • Few riders/drivers make it an opportunity to pass behind/along with the Ambulance which increases in the number of vehicles on the street and creates a more uncomfortable situation. This has to be avoided. It should be always remembered that 10-15 mins of your delay may not make any major difference but that makes a lot of difference for the ambulance during an emergency!  
  • Never horn or overtake an Ambulance with siren and lights on. This is to ensure faster, smoother and safer movement of Ambulance.

An awareness towards the traffic rules can be a boon to a patient in an emergency.

Give way- Give life; Make way - Make life