Years come and go by..and so do our New Year Resolutions! Isn't it the case with most of us? Every year, we think of welcoming another new year with some resolutions and every year, we realise that most of them had been put on the back-burner. The motivation and determination with which we begin, end up being the very things that we keep looking for the whole year round.

Yes, we get busy, we get tied up and of all the things, it's much easier to take ourselves for granted. So we tell ourselves, "I'll do it later, I'll do it next week, next month ...." and by the time we realise, months change into a whole year which then is ready to bid us adieu.

It's a daunting task to make commitments and to keep up with them. It's even more daunting to see ourselves, as unable to do so.

In the end, we just let things go by..we let time go by.

What we don't realise is,that it's us who goes by- while time moves forward, we are left behind in the same state from which we wanted freedom.

So what should we do?

How about not making any resolutions? How about gifting ourselves a few things every year?

Don't we all love gifts and rewards? Aren't we all subconsciously working towards some reward that fulfills us, makes us feel alive, makes us happy? 

Why do these rewards have to be externally controlled?

Why can't we gift ourselves some love, some happiness, some peace and some health?

This year onward, let's gift ourselves some valuable things-

  • Be Flawsome! We will constantly have an inflow and outflow of people who love us. But the only constant in our lives is us. So let's start loving ourselves with all our flaws. We always strive to be awesome. Let's change it to flawsome! Soon you'll realise, that this sense of self-awareness will help you to create the necessary changes for our betterment. But acceptance is the first step.
  • Give yourself some health : Let's just gift ourselves some health. Small steps lead to big changes! Even it means cutting down on junk, going for a walk for just a bit, reading about healthy stuff etc. 
  • Give yourself some time : What's the point of doing so much, if you can't enjoy it yourself? This year, give yourself some more time. Do the things you love a little more, spend time with those you want to, a little more.

Resolutions are binding. And no one wants to be bound. But everyone loves gifts! We cherish them and do everything to keep them safe. So, why not gift ourselves some things this year and for many more to come?

Think of the things that set you free and your heart will follow. :)