During winters in childhood, being served with dal khichdi topped with dollops of ghee was a much awaited joy. Licking away every bit of the ghee gave immense culinary pleasure, but if the unsuspecting mom did the same thing today, most of us would throw a fit for sure!

Being health freaks we try and follow health fads that most people recommend without knowing the actual facts. There are many health myths surrounding foods, and especially desi ghee. We always hear that ghee is bad for health, it contains lot of fat, it increases the cholesterol levels in the body, it makes you fat, it’s not good for your heart etc. But science says that ghee actually is very good for your health. Yes you are reading right ‘ghee is actually very good for your heart’.

Ghee, also known as clarified butter, comprises of 47.8% saturated fatty acids, due to which it is considered to increase the risk of heart related diseases.

The American Heart Association says that is has less than 7% saturated fatty acids which are responsible for the risk of heart related diseases. This is a very low percentage and does not mean that you ban ghee from your diet because you might lose on vital health benefits from it.

Here are a few facts which suggest that ghee should be actually made an integral part of your diet.

  • Ghee helps in reducing the total cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels in blood.
  • It also helps in reducing the liver’s load of cholesterol and triglyceride that lead to fatty liver and non-alcoholic hepatitis in the long run.
  • Ghee also reduces the harmful compounds level in liver which participate in the process of atherogenesis.
  • Oleic acid, a useful fatty acid, increases when ghee is consumed as a source of fat. Another useful acid known as Arachidonic acid, which plays a key role as an inflammatory intermediate during atherosclerosis reduces when ghee is consumed.

Thus while we are running away from our desi ghee, scientists and nutritionists are running towards it. Ghee is also an integral part of the Ayurvedic system of medication, that is believed to promote longevity and protect body from various diseases.

The next time your mom or pesky relative insist on having ghee, don’t be too scared- lather some on that paratha and enjoy the meal!