We all want luscious Angelina Jolie lips, right? Here's your route to a fuller pout.

Lip enhancement is a common desire of many today. It is so because as we grow old our lips tend to lose volume. Most people get the procedure to achieve much fuller lips which are associated with youth. Moreover, luscious lips are trendy and in vogue. The so-called 'Bee Stung' lips are what people prefer. Further, getting lip fillers is simple, easy and not as expensive compared to other cosmetic procedures.

  • Earlier, fat was the only alternative to lip fillers. Nowadays, new fillers like Juvederm which are hyaluronic acid fillers are available. These are better options because they are smoother and can easily be absorbed into the body.
  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a sugar naturally produced by your body. HA is a naturally occurring component of your skin, comprising 40% of your Dermis (the deep layer of your skin) and the remainder is made from collagen. So, Hyaluronic acid makes up the normal skin’s infrastructure, cushioning the collagen and providing support.
  • Hyaluronic acid is identical across species, so no HA filler requires skin testing for allergy. Because your body naturally makes this sugar, the chances of being allergic are almost zero. Hyaluronic acid used in fillers are synthetic gels produced from bacterial fermentation, the results last up to one year, as the filler is gradually broken down by your body.
  • The procedure takes only about 30 minutes. The filler usually comes with a built-in local anaesthetic (Juvederm xc and the Juvederm ultra xc). It is in most cases pain-free and the results are immediate, and tends to improve over the next few days.
  • The good thing about lip fillers is that if you regret getting it done, it’s not permanent. This kind of treatment is reversible. Overfilling can be removed through the use of hyaluronidase injection. 

For an 'organic' kiss

Organic Harvest has come up with an all-new Organic Lips range, sans chemicals and developed to perfectly suit everybody. With every application it promises to make your lips supple, plump, moisturized, giving you intense care. Organic Lips lip balm range comes in four variants– Pomegranate, Green Apple, Shea Butter, and Strawberry that guarantees to delight you.

Available at: All major cities in India including exclusive Organic Harvest stores in Delhi as well as select shopping websites.

Here’s why you’ll love it

• Stronger, lip-smacking four flavours

• Intense lip care

• No artificial colour added and enriched with food grade flavours

• No beeswax

• Gluten Free

• Effectively removes dead skin on lips

• Beautiful & easy to use packs 

  1. Pomegranate lip care helps in retaining water.
  2. Green Apple with mint nourishes dry and chapped lips 
  3. Shea Lip repair with Shea butter locks dampness and prevent your lips from drying out 
  4. Strawberry lip balm is enriched with moisturizers and scented strawberry that will protect your lips from dehydration.