Popularity of Selfies Makes Those With Acne More Self Conscious

Living in the age of social media and selfies has had a huge impact on the way we share information and images, especially in the way we share information and images about ourselves. There are many benefits and positive uses to this ever growing way method of presenting ourselves online and to our peers, but many experts have seen that the continual rise in the taking of and posting of selfies has left young people more self-conscious of their looks than ever before. Young people struggling with acne in particular are increasingly aware of how their face appears on various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Teens in particular are really susceptible to the negative effects of acne as they are at a phase in life where developing their sense of self and where feeling confident among their peers is especially important. Acne has always been an issue among teenagers who have dealt with bullying and teasing at times due to their acne problems.

Acne effects emotional health and contributes to the likelihood of developing depression among young people.  

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