Acne Vulgaris [Pimples] is the one of the most common skin condition seen in Dermatology OPD, it has multi-factorial origin. Being a common condition there are many myths and misconceptions about acne treatment in general population, I’m trying to explain about few of them.

Myth 1] Eating oily food causes Pimples
Explanation : Research shows no relation between oily food and Acne

Myth 2] Washing face frequently prevents Acne
Explanation : Acne is not caused by dirt or dust so washing does not help much. Washing twice a day with a mild soap/face wash is best. Excessive washing, scrubbing etc can lead to Acne scars, which are more difficult to treat than normal Acne.

Myth 3] Squeezing Acne and removing pus cures Acne
Explanation : Squeezing, Pinching and Scratching does not cure pimples, it may lead to scar formation and dark pigmentation, which in turn is difficult to treat. Acne Treatment can be easily done by an qualified Dermatologist by using topical creams and antibiotics.