Having a healthy kidney prolongs your life by years. But unfortunately, witnessing a healthy kidney is a rare phenomenon these days owing to the lifestyle we lead these days. Having been subjected to a way of food which is contaminated with pesticides and toxins like DDT and many more, it’s no wonder that people are reporting their kidney ailments on a wider level than ever before. Most reported cases include of renal calculi, the formation of oxalates inside the renal pelvis, glomerulonephritis, and kidney failure - of which the most prominent disease is that of kidney stones which is a result of the accumulation of calcium phosphates or oxalates. But is getting defeated by these threatening diseases the end of the day? Let’s discuss why not.

How Allopath Approaches Kidney Stones?

In Allopath, doctors hang you up on life-long sentences or in other words, chronic medicinal prescriptions to dilute and break the crystals but more often they recommend surgical removal or laser torsion of the renal stones. However, we've seldom seen the best results in both the cases as it involves chronic prescriptions of harsh chemical formulated pills.

Is There A Way Out? What Does Ayurveda Say?

Ayurveda, however, is always there to help you with your health despite the grave concern of your kidney disorder. Our ancient scriptures have proved to be the Holy Grail against life-threatening diseases for centuries. And it's from that treasury of knowledge, has Dr. Vaidya's prepared the Punarnava, an herbal pill based on herbs like Punarnava Ghan and Darulhaldar Ghan which breaks the kidney stone in small pieces that can be passed in urine for an easy removal naturally.It not only helps your kidneys with the natural functioning of diuretic capabilities but recovers the lost filtration potential for your blood purification. This also prevents the retention of the excess of natural fluids and helps the body maintain its fluidic balance while dealing with the toxic waste accumulated in the body.