We are bound to give in to the goodies and cheat a little or in fact cheat a lot. It becomes difficult to stay within our calorie budgets when there is so much good food around us amidst all the Holi celebrations. Here's looking at what you can do after Holi to ensure that you get back on to the health and fitness track and recover from all the eating and drinking. It is usually observed that many people who suddenly gain a kilo or two after festivities and celebrations end up feeling defeated. Don't be frustrated. Focus on what you eat for a few days right after Holi. Come back to your sensible eating habits without starving yourself. Don't try to skip meals as it leads to binge eating later on. Consider eating well portioned, well balanced, healthy meals which are packed with protein, dietary fibre, fruits and vegetables. Set a short time calorie goal for yourself and stick to it. Stop checking the weighing scale again and again even if you don't put on any weight during Holi, your body will experience some 'false' weight gain as it might be undergoing water retention due to extra salt and preservatives consumed in all the rich food consumed during Holi. So don't weigh yourself next day of any festival, try after 3-4 days and you might even be surprised to see that you didn't put on any weight at all. Since consumption of sweets during Holi is common, ensure you have lots of salads and sprouts so that it keeps you healthy and curb your appetite adding essential nutrients to your body. It's a good idea if you undertake a detoxification diet after Holi where you should be eating some food to reduce the high levels of accumulated toxins and increased glucose levels. Include lots of garlic, carrots, tomatoes, grapes and avocados in your diet which are good source of antioxidants and contain glutathione which is prime component for detoxification of liver. Believe in the simple calculation of more calorie ingested, more calories to be burnt. Yes! You need to burn those calories that you have consumed but don't go overboard. Working out 2-3 times a day or exercising more than regular or doing more weights just to escalate the weight loss plan is not going to help. In your worry to burn the calories you may end up injuring yourself. Nothing in excess is good. Stick to your regular routine of exercise. A healthy diet to adjust to your short term calorie deficit and regular exercise is what you need. Eat smart and enjoy the festive spirit.